Stop think about las vegas bachelor party activities. Those who have celebrated their medellin bachelor party have discovered that this city is a true Andean paradise, and why am I telling you this? Because Medellin is a true metropolis recognized in Latin America that combines modern life with beautiful green nature, this is what tourists who have already known it like the most. This is something you won’t find in Vegas.

Many movies have made Las Vegas an ideal destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Movies like “The Hangover” increased the popularity of this city that has been lost over the years. But thousands of people who have come have realized that beyond the Nevada desert there are beautiful natural paradises perfect for celebrating your party, without giving up luxury, VIP passes and beautiful girls with natural beauty.

Las Vegas no más

medellin bachelor party

The Nevada desert city has been a city of sin, gambling, luxury and beautiful ladies for 70 years. The recreation in this city is legendary so that tourists from Europe have always had it as a favorite city.

Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley put this city on the world map attracting approximately 39 million tourists a year, a fairly reasonable number.

But the difference between Las Vegas and the city of Medellin is quite evident, Las Vegas is an artificial city in the middle of the desert, the activities that you can develop here are quite limited, since there are only hotels, casinos and beautiful women with some aesthetic touch-up .

But Medellin is a completely natural paradise wherever you look at it, here you will not find anything artificial, but it is not only that, it is also a city of luxurious hotels and casinos wherever you look at it. As for the subject of women, without a doubt they are the most beautiful in Colombia.

Here you will not run out of money

medellin bachelor party

Due to the difference in value between the Colombian peso and the US dollar, it is quite favorable to travel from North America or Europe, that is, while you can spend approximately 50 thousand dollars in Las Vegas, in Medellin you will spend much less than half that amount, without giving up luxury.

So you won’t have to worry about a high budget, for very little money you will have access to luxurious homes, VIP packages, tours of the best places and tickets to the best-known nightclubs in Colombia.

medellin bachelor party

Las vegas bachelor party activities? Bullshit! Ready for your medellin bachelor party? Access VIP packages right now and we will help you with the itinerary process of the activities that you are going to do here with your closest friends. We recommend organizing your flight itinerary in advance since the packages are subject to seasons, so prices may vary, however if you organize in time, we will keep the same price.

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