Are you looking for a best getaways colombia? We are going to plan a great bachelor party in Colombia as God intended, and as Medellin as a stage so that everything is more perfect for you and your friends.

Surely you have heard from Medellin the most exciting stories of this city, and it is that Medellin for about 20 years has become one of the best places in Colombia along with Cartagena de Indias as the best tourist destinations in the country to celebrate your farewell single. Your party will be wild and intense, where you will meet the most exclusive clubs in the city, bars, restaurants and the most beautiful and sexy women in the damn world. So join us.

Why Medellin, Colombia?

Talking about the best getaways colombia, Medellin is a true city, one of the most important metropolises in Colombia, a beautiful, vibrant city full of women that will leave you speechless. Its climate is perfect, for something it is called the city of eternal spring, for its green nature all year round.

Medellin is full of exclusive areas to celebrate, places where the sexiest women come to meet men because if these girls have something apart from being too beautiful, it is their friendliness. Many of our houses are located a few blocks from these sites, which is why many of our clients choose us when they plan their bachelor party in Colombia.

What else do we add to your bachelor party in Colombia?

Once the flight reservation is made, whether you leave New York or Los Angeles, our concierge and our driver will be moving to the Jose Maria Cordova airport by the time you arrive with your group, they will be there waiting for you with drinks. .

From there and if you wish, they will be transferred to the accommodation that you previously chose with our agent by phone, or if you want to take a walk to look at the city before going home, you can do it, your wishes are our orders.

The accommodation is the best!

planning a bachelor party in colombia

We have around 39 houses in the city of Medellin, we and our associates always make sure that the houses are sparkling clean by the time our guests arrive. These houses are fully equipped with all the comforts for parties; they have Jacuzzis with heated water, terraces with swimming pools, and rooms with the best beds in case you want to rest to continue celebrating. In these houses the idea is that you feel like a true rock star.

Our work team is always attentive!

planning a bachelor party in colombia

Our work team will always be attentive to all your demands during your stay at the house. Our concierge is a very efficient person and will always be there for whatever you need, from drink specials, outings to the best night clubs and restaurants among other functions.

You will have at your disposal a driver in a luxury car to go to the places you want to know, a professional Chef (if you include it) to prepare the most exquisite delicacies, and a DJ to liven up the party with the best rhythms of your playlist.

Let’s start the best getaways colombia. We have everything you need to have the most epic bachelor party of your life with your friends

New Mandatory test and recommendations before planning a bachelor party in Colombia

We know that life is now, therefore we will not stop helping hundreds of grooms that want to have their last trip in freedom here in Colombia in this 2023.

We are waiting for you, start planing your Colombia bachelor party now and don’t worry, we will take care of everything!

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