Guatapé, the tourist paradise of Antioquia Colombia!

Near to Medellin the municipality of Guatapé, the home of the huge and amazing monolithic rock of 220 meters high and 66 million tons of granite, known as “La Piedra del Peñol” and the charming “Town of Zócalos“, full of joy, color and history, without a doubt, will make your trip to Medellín Colombia an unforgettable experience, a great place for a Bachelor Party.

Guatapé And The Stone Of El Peñol

This haven of peace called Guatapé is located in the heart of Eastern Antioquia, less than 2 hours by land from Medellín, and in addition to the unmissable visit to climb the Piedra del Peñol, it has many other activities and recreational spaces to appreciate and enjoy.

The best tourist plans include tours with specialized and bilingual guides through the town and its colorful streets such as Calle del Recuerdo, Calle de Los Enamorados, visits to the replica of the Old Peñol town, the Church replica of Piedra El Peñol, the Monument to the Phoenix Bird, the Plazoleta del Zócalo, The Pier (El Malecón), among many others.

The Stone of the Peñol in Guatapé Antioquia.

The Rock Of El Peñol

A close look to this stunning natural monument is impressive, but when climbing the 740 steps of the Peñol de Guatapé, you will enjoy one of the most spectacular lookouts in the world built on top of this mysterious rock considered in the top 5 of the biggest stones on earth.

View from the lookout of La Piedra del Peñol

Can you imagine a Bachelor party here, near to Medellin? The fascinating view from above, although it may seem a lie, is in part a work of human art. For the construction in 1970 of the hydroelectric dam and reservoir of Guatapé, about 2262 hectares of agricultural land was flooded and the original town had to be relocated, giving birth to this “inner sea of Antioquia” and a new variety of social, cultural and economic activities, mainly tourism.

At the Peñol Rock lookout, at an altitude of 2137 meters above sea level, you can also enjoy of some food & drinks establishments and souvenirs shops, and also see the statue of Luis Eduardo Villegas López, the first person to climb in 1954 to the top of the Peñol stone.

The Town of Zócalos in Guatapé

Calles Del Pueblo de Zócalos, Restaurantes y Bares

In the downtown area of Guatapé, just 13 minutes from the Piedra del Peñol, you can enjoy a diversity of Colombian tasty dishes, desserts and of course taste excellent coffees, chocolates from the area and any number of hot and cold drinks for your choice.

Through the beautiful cobbled streets and colorful colonial facades, you will find excellent and cozy restaurants such as La Piedra Restaurant Bar, La Fogata, La Cumparsita, and the popular Stone Restaurant, as well as familiar creole food establishments and pleasant coffees and bars. You will also see endless crafts and souvenirs alluding to Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol.

The Guatapé Pier

El Malecón de Guatapé

Along the banks of the Guatapé reservoir, you will have the chance to walk along the boardwalk and enjoy aquatic activities for all ages, boat rides, party boats, water bikes, speed boats, an aquatic playground and other nautical attractions such as jet-skis and even flyboard machines.

The Majestic Yacht Restaurant

A unique experience among many that you can enjoy in the Guatapé reservoir, is the boat restaurant Majestic, a luxury boat of 758 m2 where you can have a tour of the lake and an unforgettable lunch.

Where to stay in Guatapé?

Hotels in Guatapé

In Guatapé there are about 45 formal hotels and more than 1500 beds for tourists, it will depend on your plan, travel style, and budget to choose your ideal accommodation among so many hostels, cabins, and hotels, being the most famous and innovative the Hotel de Los Recuerdos and the Bosko Hotel, respectively.

Guatapé and La Piedra Del Peñol (In Photos)

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