Getting a party boat cartagena colombia is paramount if you want to celebrate your bachelor party in a big way, and we have the solution. We have 30 ships in our catalog available to organize what will be the best party of your life with your lifelong friends.

We have from small fast boats, fully equipped yachts, to large catamarans with a capacity of up to 80 people. A vessel with a fully equipped galley should be chosen if you wish to serve lunch, dinner, or some type of buffet for guests. If cooking is not your thing, we have a chef for the party, although many choose to hire a caterer that is much more comfortable and with more chances that everything will go well.

Preparing the party boat cartagena colombia

cartagena boat rental

Preparing your destination in advance is the most important thing when organizing your bachelor party itinerary. Taking into account the budget, the day of the flight and the ready luggage will give you access to the best planes and best of all, you will get special prices. Remember that because it is tourism, the packages are subject to change due to the holiday seasons.

Our travel itinerary includes paradisiacal islands such as Isla del Rosario and Cholon Island as main attractions to celebrate in a big way.

The Crew

cartagena boat rental

We have a highly qualified staff for large parties and with a lot of experience as they are; the crew and the VIP concierge who will make sure that you do not lack anything in hand during the tour, an experienced captain who will tour the best sites. And as an addition we can include a DJ so that the music does not stop playing, and if you wish, a professional Chef who will keep delicious delicacies on your plates.

You can also prepare several games where everyone participates and has a good time. For added fun, you can organize everything around a specific theme. People can dress up according to the theme of the party, and this often works well.

A party boat cartagena colombia is what you really need to give your bachelor party that spicy, sensual and adrenaline-filled touch so that this party is totally unforgettable for you, and for your friends, believe me you will have a lot to tell (Only what can be counted) at the time of returning home. But the best of all is that you will want to repeat and we will be there waiting for you with the enthusiasm that has characterized us for 15 years.

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