In recent years, vacation rentals in Colombia have experienced notable growth, consolidating themselves as an attractive option for both national and international tourists and for owners like us who find Colombia a good destination to celebrate and organize stays for other tourists. This phenomenon has been driven by several factors, including the country’s geographic diversity, its cultural richness, improving tourism infrastructure, and the popularity of digital platforms such as Airbnb and Bachelor Party Colombia.

Diversity of Tourist Destinations

vacation rentals in colombia

Colombia offers a wide range of tourist destinations that adapt to different types of travelers. From the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean and the Pacific, through the coffee landscapes in the Coffee Region, to the vibrant cities like Medellín and Cartagena, the country has something for everyone. This diversity makes vacation rentals a versatile option for those looking for everything from relaxing getaways to cultural and urban adventures.

Colombian Caribbean: Destinations like Cartagena, Santa Marta and San Andrés are famous for their white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and rich history. Our properties in these areas are highly sought after by tourists seeking both luxury and authenticity.

Major Cities: Medellin offers a vibrant urban experience with a mix of modernity and tradition. Our apartments and hotels in this city are popular with business travelers and tourists looking to explore the nightlife and cultural offerings.

Our Advantage (Bachelor Party Colombia)

vacation rentals in colombia

For us, the first advantage of our company is the security it offers its guests, excellent prices without giving up the luxury that characterizes us as a hotel company. Among the main advantages are:

Safety: Many of our users who come from Europe and North America are concerned about their safety, and the main characteristic of our company is to give peace of mind to the guest without giving up the fun or the worry that something could happen.

Flexibility: No matter what season it is, you will always get a property available for your vacation, and not only that, you have no restrictions on visitors and if it is a bachelor party, noise is not a problem.

Maintenance: We invest a lot of money in keeping the properties in good condition, ensuring that our users find everything impeccable so that their stay is the best and they leave with good memories.

Digital platforms and regulation

vacation rentals in colombia

The proliferation of digital platforms such as Airbnb, Booking and Vrbo has made it easier for owners to access the global market. These platforms offer management, advertising, and reservation tools that simplify the rental process.

However, these platforms are not completely safe and in fact uncomfortable situations have arisen between guests and owners due to noise issues with neighbors, or visitors that the owners of the houses do not accept. Additionally, properties rented on Airbnb do not offer any security to their guests during their stay.

Tips for travelers

vacation rentals in colombia

For tourists, choosing to rent your house with Bachelor Party Colombia can offer several advantages over traditional accommodations:

Authenticity and comfort: Renting a house or apartment can provide a more authentic and comfortable experience, especially for families or large groups.

Costs: Our vacation rentals are often cheaper than Airbnb, especially for longer stays.

Flexibility: Cooking at home, or having a private chef, can make the stay more pleasant and personalized.


Vacation rentals in Colombia are booming, benefiting travelers looking for unique experiences with all-inclusive packages. Come explore the beaches of the Caribbean, the mountains of the Coffee Belt or the vibrant Colombian cities, and we will offer a flexible and authentic way to discover everything Colombia has to offer.

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