On November 11, the international singles day is celebrated, that is why today we will give you a top ten destinations for bachelor parties in Colombia.

And why Colombia? This country became the ideal destination for parties and bachelor parties par excellence for many travelers from North America and Europe, thanks to its climate, nature and its people, that is why today I will give you the top 10 destinations for bachelor parties in Colombia.


Undoubtedly, a true paradise of asphalt and concrete Medellin has become a world-renowned rumba capital, where thousands of foreigners come each year to celebrate bachelor parties, do ecological tourism among others, no less than 15 years ago it was a different city, violence reigned in the streets, but thanks to the actions of governments and citizen action, this city is changing its face to cultural and economic progress. Many foreigners who have come only for vacations have ended up staying, and that is because Medellin has that magic that makes you fall in love, especially because of its women.


If we talk about a city with many contrasts that is Cartagena de Indias, it is a city very rich in culture and history and a lot of Latin flavor, its people can be considered as the most cheerful, this said by the tourists who have come to their vacations in Cartagena, but what do we like about this city? Its beaches and islands, the walled city is wonderful for walks, the Getsemani neighborhood which is where most tourists go, and which by the way is where most of our rental properties are, its women so beautiful and smiling, and its gastronomy. I am sure that Cartagena is the ideal destination.

San Rafael - Antioquia

Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

This beautiful municipality is only 2 hours from the city of eternal spring, it is also known for the mood and kindness of its people. Also known as the hydro-energy capital of the country, there you can find different hydroelectric plants such as Guatapé, Jaguas and Playas. It is a beautiful place to enjoy nature, the rivers and why not a camping plan. The perfect plan for a bachelor party near Medellín.

It’s great forests and waterfalls bathe this beautiful land of beauty, one that you cannot miss if you want to find peace and meditation in the middle of your single life. Also if you wish and you like water sports, you can practice them there and why not take a beautiful memory of the pools and crystalline waters that surround it, such as those of the Trocadero, the Malvinas or La Cazuela.

Santa fe de Antioquia - Antioquia

Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

Continuing with the earthly paradises that our beautiful apartment has and understanding that the idea is to find a balance between your budget and an ideal place to rest, we bring you this beauty. Santa fe de Antioquia is one of the most elegant and extraordinary towns that the department has. It is also known for having been in the past the old capital of the same department and is known as the “mother city” or “the cradle of the race” … It is totally beautiful. Perfect to carry out a bachelor party near Medellín.

However, let us tell you why it can be counted as one of the best places to spend your bachelor party. The truth is that there is not a single reason, but many. This beautiful town offers culture and history in abundance, among its streets you can find several museums and settings that mark its history. Spending a good time getting to know something different will allow your head to oxygenate and think better of your ideas.

The Tatacoa desert in Huila

Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

This is indeed a setting for adventurers. The Tatacoa desert is one of the most beautiful and emblematic landscapes that the department of Huila has, it is ideal for exploring new scenarios and a favorite to reconnect with yourself on an adventurous trip. Despite its arid places, the different tourist plans are by us with different privileges so that you feel confident and in harmony with your ideas, after all this is necessary to be sure of the step you are going to take.

It is a perfect place to take photos with your friends and you can make new friends who know not only the landscape but also the ecosystem in such a way that you will learn a lot.

However, you must be prepared because in this place, being the second largest arid zone in Colombia after Punta Gallinas, temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius can be reached. Anyway, the adventure is worth it.


Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

Guatape is a small town hidden in Antioquia with a unique natural charm where you can celebrate your bachelor party in style, this small town is home to 8,844 inhabitants since the last census and its economic activity is tourism. Its great tourist attraction is the Piedra del Peñol, a natural monument 220 meters high and to climb it you must climb 702 steps to reach the top, if you get to Guatape, you are obliged to climb this great rock.

Another of its tourist attractions and that is why we include it in the top 10 destinations for singles parties is the large artificial reservoir where you can navigate in small boats, jet skis, or large boats.

And not to mention the nightlife, it is a party place with quite pleasant and friendly nightclubs with national and foreign tourists.

Santa Marta

Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

Santa Marta is pure flavor. It is a city where diversity is totally present in its landscape, in its people and in every cultural aspect that makes it up; It is a destination that welcomes all its visitors and makes them feel at home.

What makes it unique? Its main characteristic is its territory: unforgettable landscapes in which the green of its vegetation, its mountains, the blue of its seas, the yellow of the sun and the contrast of the beaches with the white of the Sierra Nevada, make this paradise a bound destination.

It is a city that captivates. There are activities for all tastes, from getting lost in the waves of a beach that meets the jungle, to observing the colorful birds that seem to want to say something with their songs. You cannot leave off your list the historical tour of the city and the visit to the heart of the Tayrona culture and its colonial treasures.


Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

Bogotá is the capital and the largest city of Colombia. It is a convergence point of people from all over the country, so it is diverse and multicultural, and it combines the old and the modern.

If you want to travel to Colombia, surely you are wondering where is Bogotá located? Well, the capital of the country has a privileged location, it is located in the middle of an abundant vegetation that achieves one of the most beautiful green landscapes on the continent. It is in the center of Colombian territory, in the Cundiboyacense highlands and on the savannah that bears the same name. The city is part of the Andean region, one of the six regions of the country.

Bogotá is green thanks to its parks and the eastern hills that dominate the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe. Few cities have a landscape like the one that Bogota citizens enjoy every day, when their gaze is lost in that kind of green sea that forms the Andes Mountains, in the mountains that rise above the east.


Top Ten Bachelor Parties Destinations

On your tour of the city, you can go to the banks of the Cali River to appreciate the architecture of churches such as Ermita and other colonial buildings that are authentic national monuments.

You cannot miss key points such as the Cali Zoo, the Granada neighborhood and the imposing Christ the King, a statue similar to the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro that watches over the city from the Cerro de las Tres Cruces.

The museums are also part of the tourist sites of Cali: the La Tertulia Museum, the Calima Gold Museum and the La Merced Archeological Museum are some of the best known.

San Felix

Join the adventure of flying in Paragliding in Medellín and part of the Aburrá Valley in an unforgettable trip.

A Paragliding experience in Antioquia will be memorable. In addition to the classic sensation of adrenaline that invades the body, you will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, the green of the mountains of the North of Antioquia, the dairy and cattle landscape of the sector, as well as an impressive view of the city from the top.

What do you think of these top 10 destinations for bachelor parties in Colombia? Each one has its natural and wild charm to celebrate your bachelor party, but do you know which is the best? In each city we have the ideal property to stay, and transportation to all the places you want with our packages, so don’t wait any longer, contact us.

New Mandatory test and recommendations before planning a bachelor party in Colombia

We know that life is now, therefore we will not stop helping hundreds of grooms that want to have their last trip in freedom here in Colombia in this 2023.

We are waiting for you, start planing your Colombia bachelor party now and don’t worry, we will take care of everything!

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