Cartagena bachelor party review is the first thing that comes to mind before organizing your trip, we know that because a lot of you have doubts about it and that’s why we are here, to give you a broader field of what will be your great bachelor party. Book the next flight to Colombia right now, more specifically to the city of Cartagena.

This is a very popular couture city among tourists from all over the world, as it offers a beautiful Caribbean atmosphere, so get ready for the best bachelor party of your life.

Activities for the whole day

cartagena bachelor party review

According to the Cartagena stag party review, many find it to be quite an exciting tourist destination both during the day and at night. The Colombian atmosphere is quite contagious so you will feel comfortable as soon as you go out on the street. Here you will hear quite happy music in any street you walk, the local people are quite friendly, the women are beautiful and the food is delicious.

What we have of activities for you during the day:

  • Take a walk on the beach
  • Take a ride on our boats through different islands
  • Tour the Getsemani neighborhood and the Walled City

Walk to the edge of the beach

cartagena bachelor party review

"Our cartagena bachelor party review choice"

The city of Cartagena is quite picturesque and its beaches are undoubtedly quite beautiful, with white sands, crystal clear waters and beautiful girls that will leave you speechless. You can visit Playa Blanca, Bocagrande among others. We will take you with everything you need, supplies for the whole group and a cooler with delicious drinks.

We have the largest fleet of ships

cartagena bachelor party review

There are many activities to do, quality activities so that the trip is totally unforgettable. We have an impressive fleet of boats, from fast boats, quite comfortable catamarans to luxurious yachts.

We will give you a perfect private tour in charge of a qualified crew, you just make sure to bring your swimsuit that our people take care of having everything organized. Our boat will take you to explore all the coasts of Cartagena, here we will include drinks, music and you can invite some girls.

Cartagena's nightlife

cartagena bachelor party review

Stag parties by law include alcohol, and we’re talking industrial amounts of alcohol, and it’s also a great excuse to go on a night out and meet some girls. Cartagena’s nightlife is famous in Colombia, thanks to its nightclubs and the girls who visit these places. You will not regret visiting Cartagena.

Here is this cartagena bachelor party review, this place is hard to beat, and once you have arrived with the whole squad you will realize why it is a perfect city to party. There are plenty of places to drink, and plenty of single women to meet. So contact us and we’ll get started with your bachelor party.

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