Are you hunting for resort packages in medellin? Because we have a perfect bargain and if it is your bachelor party it is a real bargain of course. So start making a list of what you want to do and we will fix everything for you in our new Hotel dn medellin colombia in the most exclusive and fashionable area of the city.

Do you have a tight budget? That is not a problem with us, come with your best friends and we offer you the best getaways and bachelor parties in the most sinful city in Colombia, that city is called Medellin.

Perfect deals

pool party

For stag parties or crazy getaways with your friends we have great deals on our crazy packages, so let’s make this dream come true. We know that finding the perfect deals is quite complicated since when it comes to vacation themes, everything tends to be more expensive, especially if you go to Las Vegas. But with our package and our resort packages in medellin you will have an impressive discount.

Is it possible to get cheap accommodation?

Hotel 444 medellin

This is the question that many ask themselves when deciding on their vacations, especially if you think of coming to Medellin, since this city is highly sought after by tourists and has become a powerful tourism industry. We have more than 50 accommodations in this city, from small accommodations for 4 people, to large hotels to comfortably accommodate 50 people, and with all the comforts that accommodation for bachelor parties should have.

Hotel 444

Hotel 444 medellin

Our new temple for your bachelor party in Medellín

Enjoy an elegant experience in this central location. Almost finished, an incredible 23-room ultra-luxury with three pools, we can help you with everything you need for excursions, transportation, catering and more. located right in Parque Lleras, the best block in the city, high speed internet everything you need!

Resort Packages in Medellin

resort packages in medellin
A perfect package that brings a lot to have the perfect stay during your getaway or bachelor party in Medellin. Our package includes:

1. Parachute jumps

resort packages in medellin

Spend 20 amazing minutes flying like a bird, paragliding in Medellin and admiring the city from the sky. This type of adventure is one of those things that we must do at least once in a lifetime and what better way to take advantage of your stay in Medellín!

2. ATV Tour

resort packages in medellin

Our City Concierge (your private party guide) will pick you up and take you to the ATV-riding area at Rionegro, approximately a 40 minutes drive southeast of El Poblado, Medellín to explore fun natural routes full of beautiful landscapes, cross trails, swamps, streams, forests and much more, always accompanied by a certified guide to perform such experience.

3. Motocross tours

resort packages in medellin

Enjoy with your friends the beauty of Colombia and challenge yourself to get dirty by the mud and sand, book now and fill yourself with great experiences of an off-road motorcycle tour!

4. Excursion to Arvi Park

resort packages in medellin

Guided bicycle tours (through the forest), Team Adventure Challenges (a playful activity for your skills and attitudes that will test and strengthen your teamwork to achieve common goals), Hiking (different degrees of difficulty and some special attractions that all of you will enjoy), Birdwatching (The Park has two watchtowers to see the diversity of birds, one of 5m and over 9m), Canopy (Huge and long tracks through the forest), horseback riding and after touring the forest and living a unique experience you can enjoy a great picnic with an energetic lunch and deserts.

5. Crazy nights

resort packages in medellin

The most trendy and finest bars, nightclubs and restaurants are in the above party areas, but there are so many places to spend a night of rumba that it’s difficult to choose correctly where to go if you are tourists who only want the best of the best of the Medellin nightlife scene without losing time and money.

If you want to know more about our resort package in medellin, fill out our form with these questions and shortly we will be answering or calling you (as you prefer) to start putting together the best package for your bachelor party.

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