If you are here it is because you obviously need the medellin bachelor party itinerary, and we have a wide variety of bachelor parties. So right now go choosing a flight with a direct stopover to the city of Medellin in Colombia.

Why do many singles choose Medellin? First of all, this city is famous for having very sexy women, a vibrant nightlife, many natural places to visit and a spring-like climate throughout the year.

We arrived more than 15 years ago and the truth is that we fell in love with this city from the first moment, so we decided to set up our bachelor party headquarters in this sexy city. So since we know what we are talking about, stay until the end to learn about one of our itineraries.

Arrival at Jose Maria airport

medellin bachelor party itinerary

The arrival at the airport will dictate the beginning of a unique celebration, and we contemplate it within our medellin bachelor party itinerary.

Upon arrival in Medellin, a luxurious car will be waiting for you at the airport. Depending on the size of the group, we can book a car, van or a luxurious limousine. If you wish, you will be received by some pretty hostesses and delicious cocktails while we arrive at the luxurious villa in the best neighborhood of Medellin.

What about breakfast?

medellin bachelor party itinerary

You can start mixing with the paisa culture from breakfast, if you wish. If this breakfast has something apart from being very delicious, it is having a high degree of calories due to its spring climate, this breakfast includes hot chocolate, which can be accompanied by a “Calentao” that consists of beans, rice and bacon, mixed with eggs scrambled eggs and meat, pretty impressive right? But if you wish, we can have on the menu the breakfast you are used to at home, or something more special.

Daily maid service

medellin bachelor party itinerary

Our bachelor party plan for you is something that you enjoy from the first day, this means that if we talk about domestic tasks such as having the house in order, dishes washed, etc… A qualified person will take care of this. She will keep order at home and you will only be in charge of celebrating and having the best memories of your lives. I also highlight that these people in charge of cleaning are quite discreet, so don’t be ashamed if you see them at home, act normal hahaha!

Pablo Escobar tour

medellin bachelor party itinerary

On this tour we will take you to the Monaco building, the former residence of the famous mafia boss, we will review the fight of this cartel for control of drug trafficking against its main rival the Medellin cartel. We will visit the Montesacro cemetery where Pablo Escobar’s tomb is located, which is one of the most visited, and additionally we will learn some stories about it.

We will take you to Comuna 13 where we will show you the place that was once the epicenter of violence in Medellin but that today is a place of worship, a place perfectly open to tourism.

ATV tour

medellin bachelor party itinerary

We will take you to true off-road routes to squirt enough adrenaline at your bachelor party. You can choose between tours of an hour and a half up to two hours maximum, we recommend the two hours, since these tours on these motorcycles are quite addictive.

Our driver will pick you up at home and take you to the point of travel. The tours will start at 7 in the morning until a maximum of two in the afternoon when the last tour of the day begins.

Our faithful concierge

medellin bachelor party itinerary

This is a person who is included in our medellin bachelor party itinerary, I am talking about a person who is quite discreet and attentive to the needs of your group. This person will be with you 24 hours a day, he will guide you through the best places in Medellin, he will act as a translator for you, he will get any order you request, he will bring you beautiful hostesses and provide you with VIP passes to the best nightclubs in Medellin.

In this itinerary we also include luxury nightclubs, strip clubs and more places around medellin. Additionally, you can add more ideas to your itinerary, we adapt to your tastes and make any request come true.

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