This Is How An Unforgettable Cartagena Colombia Bachelor Party Is Planned:

This 2023 we have Adventure Tours in Cartagena for 4 Days / 3 Nights VIP Cartagena Bachelor Party Trip Itinerary starts once you hit land at the Rafael Nuñez International Airport. The Bachelor Parties Colombia team will be there waiting for you and your guys to pick you up and take you to your mansion or luxury colonial party house so you can leave your luggage and check all the property amenities.

From the moment you embark with us on this sacred bachelorian mission you will be fully covered, and any (legal) additional, we get it for you, no questions asked.

DAY 1:

Start the adventure tours in cartagena. Depending on your time of arrival, your first day of this VIP Cartagena Bachelor Party Trip Itinerary could continue like this:

Strap in tight and pack your appetite!

Eat lunch at La Cevicheria, where delicious seafood is served every day. Chilean Ceviche, Spanish Paella, and lots of International and National sea delicacies are available to amaze your palates.

Take a nice and relaxed city tour and visit San Felipe castle

After a delicious meal, visit the humongous San Felipe Castle, one of the most amazing and visited places in Cartagena Colombia by tourists, a towering construction that today serves as a remembrance of the colonial times.

At this point, after this nice adventure tours in cartagena, we advise taking you back to your rented party accommodation so you can have some drinks and meals, chill at the pool, recharge batteries and have a well-deserved rest as the next day will have a lot of do-and-see, that you shouldn’t miss.

Drink and Chill at the legendary Café del Mar

Continuing with the most pleasant activities to warm up your first day of this memorable Cartagena bachelor party itinerary sample guide, we can take you to Café del Mar Coffee bar, where you will enjoy the most exquisite drinks, snacks, music, and views in the old city of Cartagena de Indias.
Otherwise, we could arrange anything you guys want to do by night. Say, drink and dance at a Night Club, a Bar, a Strip club, or at home, with similar features. Your choice!

DAY 2:

Yacht Party and Island hopping on The Rosario Islands Archipelago

Hop to a private, secret island, reserved just for you and your squad aboard an amazing fully equipped Yacht. Enjoy the best music in the sea with your own private DJ, a Professional Chef that will delight you with the freshest seafood straight out of the sea, and last but not least, a bartender will mix your favorite drinks!
Of course. this trip couldn’t be complete without our stunning, sexy Colombian companions, who will entertain you guys with fun games, competitions, special shows, and more, so much more!
We will take you early morning to Visit the amazing Islas del Rosario. A day trip to the breathtaking Rosario Islands, a collection of 27 islands located in the crystal clear Caribbean waters just off the coast of Cartagena city. The archipelago, is one of the 46 Natural National Parks Colombia has to offer.
While there, you can visit an Aquarium, and an Oceanarium in the open-sea available to the public, or get more personal with scuba diving, boating or snorkeling.
These crystalline waters are filled with coral reefs that serve as a natural habitat for tons of aquatic life, you can spend as much time as you want here, but the best is still reserved

Visit Pley Club, One of the best Cartagena's strip clubs

If you are still feeling strong this day, we will take you to a very special place. Pleyclub, the Infamous Stripclub was all over the news a few years ago when ex-president Obama secret service agent’s allegedly assisted its premises to enjoy some quality time.

You can delight your eyes for a change, have drinks and relax, just like a secret service agent would. Not bad, right?

DAY 3:

How about some competition, uh?

After a powerful breakfast, choose Paintball or Airsoft! Either of both you choose, action & fun will be main ingredients! You might feel the aches the next day, but the adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Practice some, gear up, and beat up each other in a full team vs team competition where only the best players will claim victory!

In normal matches, you will get recognition, and hold the victory title until next match, but in our games, our way, you will get some wicked rewards! It is needless to say a single word, ain’t it?

Get Super Powers, Enjoy A Flyboard Experience

After lunch, in the afternoon, when the sun becomes gentler, you can enjoy one of the most exciting water activities available in Cartagena Colombia. Open sea Ironmanning! Or you know, just like Superman, but we like Ironman better! Either way, after some training, you will be airborne in no time.
As an additional, we will capture some amazing pictures that you can actually show back home and post on your Instagram / Facebook

Time for an Epic in House Pool Party!

You can easily continue the rave at home, with more booze, more ladies, and of course more fun right in the commodity of your house. Your very own rented accommodation is available to house a full Party with no limitations, if you wish until there is no man or woman standing and everyone is kissing the floor! Enjoy a huge BBQ with everything you want, your Chef will be fulfilling requests, so the bartender. While here, we will organize more games to keep the night lit and the spirit strong. With more booze and cigars of course!

DAY 4:

The Sad moment You Say: Thanks Bachelor Parties Colombia Guys, We'll Come Back Soon, We Swear To God!

Your last day in Cartagena need to be organized after knowing the time of your flight. Once that is solved, we will sort all of our short-timed activities for you to choose.

Before taking you and your group to the airport, we will amuse you guys with a small surprise, wishing you all the best in the future and hoping you divorce soon so we can organize your next bachelor party… Lol, Just kidding! xD

We Wish You Come Soon For An Unforgettable Cartagena Bachelor Party!

Get exclusive offers and discounts on any of our adventure tours in cartagena Packages and VIP Services in Colombia, simply by mentioning that you knew about Bachelor Parties Colombia or our partners mentioned below, thanks to this article.

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