Cholón Tour, Cholón Cartagena, Isla Barú Cartagena... Have you heard about this exciting party place just 45 minutes from Cartagena de Indias in Colombia?

If you haven’t heard of the Cholón Tour, as soon as you are in Cartagena, you will hear about it. Many people will recommend it and will tell you that you can’t miss the amazing Cholón parties (and you really shouldn’t). Some people will offer you packages and tours to Cholón and Isla Barú, so as you are already here reading this, we tell you in advance everything you need to know before you take a Cholón Tour in Isla Barú.

Cholon Tour Isla Baru Cartagena Tourist Guide
The Cholón Inlet in Barú Island, Cartagena Colombia

The Cholón inlet is located in the charming Isla Barú (actually a peninsula) separated from Cartagena by a water channel called El Canal del Dique, a human construction built in the colonial era by thousands of slaves of the Spaniards conquerors. Because of the channel, a few years ago it was still necessary the use ferries to reach by land to Barú and Cholón until 2014 when was finally inaugurated the bridge of La Conectividad joined once again Cartagena and Barú.

How to get to Cholón Cartagena?

Once in Cartagena, to get to Barú Island and Playita Cholón (the place of the best yacht parties in Cartagena Colombia) you will have several options depending on the Cholón Tour you book, but basically, you can go by land (approximately 1 hour 10 minutes and 43km away) taking the road called La Vía a Barú or by sea (45 minutes approximately) going by speedboats or yachts that depart mainly from El Muelle La Bodeguita or some other piers according to the agency or the Cholón tour package you purchased.

Needless to say, the most fun way to take this tour to Barú island and Cholón is to go by sea, in a modern and luxurious boat or yacht with a cabin to rest for a few minutes if the sun or the party gets very extreme. Additionally, during the round trip, you can enjoy beautiful views of some nearby islands, the coast, and nearby beaches on the way to Cholón as Tierra Bomba Island, Bocachica Beach, the San Fernando de Bocachica Fort, and the paradisiacal Playa Blanca.

What to do in a Cholon Tour?

The final stop of most Cholon tours is the Cholón inlet, specifically La Playita de Cholón beach, where tourists meet in their luxury boats and yachts to enjoy great parties near the seashore. To give you a better idea of what you can expect to see and enjoy in your Cholón Barú Tour, watch this short video below.

As you can see La Playita de Cholón is a very pleasant and demanded place that invites you to focus on the fun in the boats or palm huts and chairs inside the water, always enjoying nice electronic music, reggaeton, and even champeta, a lot of alcoholic drinks like national beers and liquors (which are usually included in the best tourist packages), whiskey and even champagne.

You will also find in Cholón several options for eating (some of which can be a little expensive) and enjoy the excellent seafood prepared by the native women of Isla Barú, ranging from simple but tasty oyster snacks, seafood cocktails or ceviche, fried fish with coconut rice and patacones (fried green plantain chips), to amazingly tasty lobster grills.

Cholón has channels through a mangrove you can cross only for the adventure of it. A few meters away from the cove begins the largest barrier reef in Colombia.

In Cholon, the beach is always inviting, from a peaceful sunbath to a more aggressive day of water sports, including scuba diving, flyboarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, and more.

The farewell of Cholón and Isla Barú and the return to Cartagena should be between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm depending on the conditions of the tide, but don’t worry, that information will be handled by the captain of the boat, you only have to dedicate enjoying the most out of this unforgettable Cholón Tour in Cartagena.

The Tour of Cholón and Barú Island (in Photos)

Would you like to enjoy the Best Cholón and Barú Tour in Cartagena Colombia?

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