Cartagena vip services are the most popular option for those who come to this beautiful Colombian city on a bachelor party. Those looking for a luxury and exclusivity experience, Cartagena is the perfect city to achieve it since this colonial city has the magic of the past mixed with a modern present and magical beaches where you can get lost with a luxurious yacht. VIP services offer the opportunity to explore the old city and enjoy all the amenities it has, from private tours of the city, renowned nightclubs, dinners in exclusive restaurants and colonial houses or private islands just for a bachelor party group.

Private tours

cartagena vip services

The most popular VIP services highlight the private tours of the city of Cartagena, this is a way to experience a sexy city full of history, rich culture, and beautiful women. We offer you expert guides that will take you through the cobbled streets of this beautiful city and show you why Cartagena de Indias is so famous. Among the places are El Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas and El Palacio de la Inquisición, as well as the colorful neighborhoods of the walled city and the famous Getsemani neighborhood.

The Best restaurants

cartagena vip services
Included in the private tours, our Cartagena VIP services also include exclusive dinners at the best restaurants in Cartagena. We have direct passes to these places and their best tables so you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience in the city. These dishes combine the rich history of Cartagena with modern flavors. Do we include delicious dinners before we start celebrating? I think so.

The best clubs in the city

cartagena vip services

Everyone who is going to celebrate their bachelor party is looking to have an exciting night in exclusive nightclubs, and we have VIP passes so you can enter like a rock star with your friends. These nightclubs offer a whole fun and wild experience in the nightlife of Cartagena life with experienced national and international DJs.

Private transport service

cartagena vip services

Do you like luxury cars? We have luxurious vehicles for you to transport you throughout the city, and best of all, this VIP service starts from the moment you step foot in the airport in Cartagena Colombia. This VIP service is included in your classic package so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Luxurious yachts

cartagena vip services

A unique experience only for those who are risky, and who want to have a better party, and that can only happen on board a private yacht just for you and your friends and obviously a couple of girls. These experiences offer a unique way to relax and enjoy all that Cartagena has to offer.

To summarize the cartagena VIP services, we will give you an epic and unique experience to mix with cartagena and its beautiful Caribbean sea. All our tours are private and more extensive than the ones we have reported in this article. These tours are designed for those who are going to celebrate a perfect bachelor party, with luxury and a lot of exclusivity. Call us or schedule a call and we will tell you how the itinerary we have for you will be.

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