Bachelor parties ideas in Colombia have become legendary, since this country went from being a dangerous place to being a perfect space for parties and celebrations and for which many singles have come year after year to celebrate the best party of their lives. 

Speaking of planning a bachelor party, there are always a lot of unknowns and entanglements if the person who organizes it has no previous experience, and it ends up being a discreet weekend in a bar, or going to a strip club and leaving a couple of bills, In short, no adventure and just boredom.

But who are we?

bachelor parties in colombia

Our colombia bachelor parties ideas is more than a website, it is a professional service that is dedicated to planning parties for men, and bachelorette parties for girls. Our service began approximately 15 years ago by two immigrants from New Jersey who arrived in Colombia and ended up staying in this place. These party-loving people saw that cities like Medellin and Cartagena with beautiful single women, cool nightclubs, had great potential for people from North America and Europe to come to this place to party whatever, and that’s how our company was born. beautiful job of organizing bachelor parties in Colombia.

We offer adventure, eroticism and luxury in your bachelor party, our VIP packages will make you feel like a king where we include luxurious party houses, tours full of adrenaline and wild parties everywhere, not to mention that we have VIP passes to the best clubs , bars and restaurants.

Who will organize your bachelor party?

bachelor parties in colombia

As for the traditions, bachelor parties are usually planned by the groom’s best man or by his closest friends, for no reason should the groom be the one who plans the party. We have a great team that will plan the bachelor party with every detail, from the arrival at the airport, until the moment you return home.

As I have told you, we have perfect itineraries depending on the city you choose, Medellin or Cartagena, or multi-city, we are perfectly prepared. Our service includes a luxurious car that will pick you up at the airport, a luxurious house large enough to accommodate 40 people, day tours to raise the adrenaline, and night tours quite full of lust.

Additionally, we offer a work team that goes from our concierge who will be in charge of assisting you in whatever you need, translate if you do not speak Spanish, show you the fashionable places, and introduce you to some pretty girls, he will do what you ask. In addition to that we provide you with a DJ, a Chef and security guards if you wish.

Perfect days to celebrate

bachelor parties in colombia

Definitely the perfect days to celebrate your bachelor party is without a doubt on a weekend or a holiday, but in Medellin or Cartagena there really is no difference, these cities are quite partying and if you want to celebrate your party on a Monday, it will be perfect, you will find the trendy bars full of single girls, places like Parque Lleras with many people, and if you choose Cartagena, the walled city is an eternal party.

Another option that we have and without a doubt it is the one that I like the most, is to add one of our Yachts to your package, if your wish is to come to Cartagena. We have impressive ships such as yachts, catamarans, and fast boats to make your celebration much more exciting.

Hire dancers

bachelor parties in colombia

Bachelor parties always, but you should always have the presence of dancers to make the party more fun. In our package obviously this option is included and our faithful concierge will take care of getting the girls for the private session, that’s right, private, you won’t have to share the girls with strangers but they will be with you at the private party that we will have organized for you.

We have organized bachelor parties ideas in colombia for about 15 years, and we know exactly how to do it and I assure you that you will like it. Write to us right now, or organize your own package in our form, and our agent will be contacting you to give you more information.

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