New airbnb regulations medellin 2024 that are being discussed by the city’s mayor Federico Gutierrez and members of platforms such as Airbnb and Tinder, due to the latest events that occurred in the city. Given the growth of this type of lodging, the Mayor’s Office of Medellin has implemented new regulations starting in 2024, seeking to balance the economic benefits offered by tourism with the quality of life of local residents. This article examines the main aspects of these regulations and their possible impacts.

Bachelor Parties Colombia

airbnb regulations medellin 2024

We have been providing the best service in Colombia for 16 years, providing the luxury and comfort that all our properties have. We offer personalized packages that take our users to see the best places in Medellin such as; Guatape, Santa Fe de Antioquia, San Felix among others. As well as presenting the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs, supporting other companies to be prosperous by giving the best service to foreign tourists. Bachelor Parties Colombia does not support child sexual exploitation for any reason, guaranteeing the safety of both our foreign users and local people.

Our Itinerary

airbnb regulations medellin 2024

The day can begin in Parque Lleras, located in the heart of the El Poblado sector, where cafes, restaurants and bars intermingle creating a vibrant atmosphere ideal for warming up your engines. Here, the group can enjoy brunch, while planning the day’s activities. The options are vast: from graffiti tours that reveal the city’s cultural transformation, to exhilarating paragliding experiences in the nearby mountains, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The diversity of activities ensures that there is something for every taste and adventurous spirit. This is part of our personalized packages for your bachelor party in Medellin.

#1 on Google

airbnb regulations medellin 2024

Our bachelor party celebrations and getaways have a mix of fun, relaxation and pure adrenaline. Our users experience the city 100% where we include private transportation, assistants for each group, private party venues at our properties, chef and DJ.

Airbnb Vs Bachelor Parties Colombia

airbnb regulations medellin 2024

Unlike Airbnb, we think about the safety of visitors and their special guests. Guests are not registered on Airbnb and their houses do not comply with any regulations, which is why the neighbors of these properties often complain about the noise generated by users who rent a property through Airbnb.

On the other hand, our properties are located in strategic locations to avoid inconvenience with neighbors and thus not interrupt the celebration of our guests.

These new airbnb regulations medellin 2024 have generated bad expectations among users who want to visit Medellin. For Bachelor Parties Colombia it is important to send a message of peace of mind to users since we comply with all the necessary protocols to guarantee that the users’ visit is complete until the last day.

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