What are our Medellin Bachelor Party Packages About?

Check a Little of What You Will Get With Our Bachelor Party in Medellín Plans

See what are some of our party celebration plans available for an incredible Medellin bachelor party, from wicked private pool parties to some of the best night clubs in the world.

Medellin has the literally the world’s best weather but we both know you’re not coming down for a Bachelor Party in Medellin because of the weather.

Get out on a yacht in Guatape, Colombia’s Key West with mountain tops. Wild rides on atvs in the colombian wilderness and much more!

Our Party Experience is Different, all bachelor parties in Panama and all Bachelor Parties in Costa Rica have nothing on Colombia.

In fact all the really hottest women in Panama and Costa Rica come from Medellin.

Medellin is the Mecca and no one else has in this city the stag do expertise we do…

First of all, for any successful Medellin bachelor party, stag do, getaway or weekend break, you have to plan ahead and get an amazing private party house or any other accommodation where you can rest like a king and where you can get wild and funny to the top, without a problem.

Check out our special selection of bachelor party friendly vacation rentals in Medellin Colombia, and know early on where you all will get some of your best private moments.

Remember that we can provide you right there all the VIP services you can imagine, yes Sir, from a private Concierge, Chef, Bartman, DJ, to very kind friends / outrageous talent girls and more.

Rent a Private and Luxury Party House

Experience Medellin Colombia

Get to know Medellin and have an amazing time doing it.

Sightseeing, culture, visit some of the  entertainment parks and museum, as Parque Explora and others, take the Metro, and Metro Line and enjoy  exclusive foods and drinks.

Get to know why it was the most innovative city in the world, awarded in 2013 by a world wide contest organized by The Wall Street Journal, taking the exciting Helicopter Tour.

Guatape a 90 minute ride from Medellin is like nothing else I liken it to Key West but in the mountains.

Here you can have epic yacht parties with amazing entertainment that NO ONE else can get.

Jet Ski in serene calm conditions unlike anything else and if your more adventurous Zip Line, Horse Back Riding, Mountain Biking, and Climbing a huge rock called the Piedra el Peñol that nobody can explain its existence, and more!!

We especially recommend a boat rental with jet skis, drinks, chef and girls for a crazy Bachelor Party in Medellín.

Boat Party and Extreme Fun in a Guatapé!

Visit The Amazing Hacienda Napoles

Leave Medellin early in the morning and ride through the lush green valleys of Antioquia.

We wil arrive around 11 am into the bizarre world of the Hacienda Napoles, which was Pablo Escobar’s main compound and now was made into a museum, theme park where you will have the opportunity to learn about Pablo Escobar’s life and see his former residence and it’s entertainment spaces.

In the evening you reach the private nature reserve Rio Claro and enjoy the pristine waters and natural pools. Spend the night at the Eco-Lodge El Refugio surrounded by tropical forest and the Rio Claro River.

Venture on an exciting trip to the hills of Medellin in a powerful ATV vehicle with certified and bilingual instructors that will guide you to the rural areas of Medellín for a private ATV ride.

You can take for granted that we will handle everything you need for your maximum enjoyment, before, during and after this nice ride.

Have a Fun ATV Ride in the Hills of Medellín

Get Extreme and Jump Over The City

Experience a  magic flight with no previous experience! Fly in tandem with an experienced instructor who controls the paraglider while you relax and feel the thrill of flying above Medellin

Experience Medellin from a different side and let your adrenaline flow, of course with the safety of a parachute.

We can offer you that unforgettable opportunity to parachute and watch the beauty of Medellin from the heights.

Colombia is all about freedom and liberty, imagine driving through the Colombian country side through the village of Santa Elena just 45 minutes to Medellin.

You will take the Metro Cable and see some of the most beautiful views you will ever see in your life, when you arrive to the top, your Dirt Bikes, Instructor and equipment will be waiting for you.

Motorcycle, Accident Insurance, Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Bilingual Guide, Gasoline, Hotel transfer office, is all include.

Take a Dirt Bike Tour

An Unforgettable VIP Pool Party is a Must!

Play Video

Every great bachelor party must have this!

Watch this Medellin pool party video to get a better idea of what we are talking about and how your pool party could look like.

We can get you one VIP house party, with DJ, catered by a professional chef, and our signature concierge service that is with you throughout the entire time to get you the best company in the city.

All what you need when you need it and get you into where you need to be when you want to be there and make sure you’re safe along the way.

After a well-spent day, prepare to visit the wild VIP nightlife of Medellin across Lleras Park in El Poblado, Carrera #70 and more.

There are many options for spending a great bachelor’s night in Medellín, but don’t worry, we are here to help you plan this memorable moment, and we already have all the details spotted for you and your crew.

This may start with an excellent place to eat and drink a little, but we know that at some point in the night you will want to visit the best and hottest locals in the city.

From ideal nightclubs and strip clubs with VIP bottle service and table service, to limousines or party buses to take you to the best VIP private parties in Medellín, where you will definitely can see gorgeous topless dancers and impressive Colombian talent girls, indeed everything you need to make your Bachelor Party in Medellín Colombia a wild and unforgettable epic event.

Get Wild and Meet Medellin Nightlife

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In Love With Medellín?

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