Property Description:


15 Bedrooms


15 Bathrooms


30 Guests


2 Swimming Pool


What a beautiful Villa!

Do you imagine a bachelor party in this villa in Cartagena? Featuring original Republican architecture and contemporary interiors. It offers tasteful suites, a rooftop lounge, away from the stresses and strains of daily life, good for bachelor parties, full of fun, luxuries tailored to anyone, interesting friends to meet and make the bachelor party unforgettable.

Rooms at this beautiful mansion have stylish white and light wood interiors with colorful décor touches.

Equipped with air conditioning, LED TV, Pool and BBQ Grill.

Do not forget to ask for the party assistant service, remember that this person will fulfill all the wishes of the group, guide them to know the best places in the city, and have beautiful friends at their disposal to make the party unforgettable. for you and your group.

Happy bachelor party!

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