Property Description:


6 Bedrooms


7 Bathrooms


16 Guests


Nice View


Additional Information

Our house is located in the Rosario Archipelago, more specifically in Isla Grande, 45 minutes from the City of Cartagena.

It has 6 rooms with multiple accommodations, for a total capacity of 18 people. Our Guests can enjoy its natural pool, a Wonderful Deck, 2 open-air rooms, Service Staff (Mayordomo, Cook, Waitress), Integral Kitchen, Air Conditioning (From 09:00PM to 07:00AM) and many other amenities.


Beautiful beach house located in Isla Grande that is part of the Rosario Islands archipelago. In front of the water, view of the beach, boat access only. Nearby there is a lagoon enchanted with plankton that lights up at night when there is no moon or very small moonlight, it is something truly magical, like the life of Pee. The person in charge of the house and the butler are very helpful with everything they may need. They really make this place a holiday paradise. The housekeeper also cooks deliciously.

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