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cartagena bachelor party city tour

City Tour

Half day experience

outdoor activities in cartagena colombia

San Felipe Castle Tour

2 hours walk

Cholon & Rosario Islands

Full day tour

Nightlife & Pub Crawl Tour

Hottest bar & clubs

Electric Bike Tour

Ride across the Old City

Playa Blanca Tour

Cartagena's most famous beach

Totumo Volcano Tour

Half day outdoor activity

Pink Sea of ​​Galerazamba

Half day outdoor activity

Deep Sea Fishing Tour

Fishing in the caribbean sea

Seafood Tour

Gastronomic experience

Rum, Cigars & Cigarettes

A great tasting experience

Casinos Tour

Bets and play night

Fanatic Football Tour

Colombia's greatest passion

Cockfighting Tour

Live the culture & traditions

Souvenir Tour

Guided shopping experience

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Cartagena City Tour

Get to know the city a little before the crazy moments and you will have more lucid memories and decent photos to show to the bride, your family and friends!

In Cartagena there are plenty of nice things to do and places to visit, such as the Historic Center of (the walled City), the Cartagena Docks and Forts, the San Felipe Castle, Museums like the Rafael Nuñez, the Bay of Castillo Grande, and many other spots to visit as Shopping Centers like Caribe Plaza Mall, Bocagrande Plaza Mall or Mall Plaza El Castillo.

San Felipe Castle Tour

Prepare for a fun History Lesson!

Erected on San Lazaro Hill, still remains the Impenetrable San Felipe Castle, which after many attempts to storm it, it was never taken.

It was considered the greatest fort among the Spanish colonies and is now a mandatory visit for almost every traveler coming to Cartagena, Colombia. Its construction started not so long ago, in 1536.

In 1984, UNESCO listed the castle, with the historic center of the city of Cartagena, as a World Heritage Site. Nowadays, visitors can explore the well-preserved castle, a vast tunnel system inside it, and enjoy views of the city from the fort’s perch. A great place for Epic pictures and Napoleonic thoughts.

Cholon & Rosario Islands

Let Bachelor Party Cartagena take you to the best Yacht parties in Cholon, and the most exquisite seafood, you won’t regret.

Merely 45 minutes away from Cartagena you will find the Cholon Baru inlet, a magical place, surrounded by beautiful blue and turquoise waters, definitely one of the most requested Cartagena tours​.

In Cholon, the beach is always inviting, from a peaceful sunbath to a more aggressive day of water sports, including scuba diving, flyboarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, and more.

Cholón also has channels through a mangrove you can cross only for the adventure of it. A few meters away from the cove begins the largest barrier reef in Colombia, you really don’t want to miss it.

Nightlife & Pub Crawl Tour

Discover the nightlife scene of Cartagena on a wild and unrestrained tour!

As the night falls, the best Cartagena nightclubs and bars open their doors and wait for you and your friends.

Let’s visit some of the best rumba spots here, like Alquimico, Demente, Donde Fidel, Café Havana, La Movida, Bazurto Social Club, Mister Babilla, Café del Mar, the Baluarte Bar, Casa de la Cerveza, Misti-k, Fragma, Taboo, Eivissa among other.

Your night out is always tailored depending on your friends preferences.

Cartagena Electric Bike Tour

One of the best ways to get to know and enjoy Cartagena, its historic center and emblematic places, is without a doubt riding an electric bike. Go with your friends across the walled city, the old city, the bay and other picturesque places of Cartagena in this original tour on electric bicycles.

The fun is more than assured, even so, famous people as Will Smith, Owen Wilson, and other celebrities have decided to also take this tour on electric bicycles. An ecological and healthy way of touring Cartagena while you get to know it better, enjoying the delicious sea breeze and tasting ice creams, drinks, and delicious Colombian dishes.

Make sure to include this unforgettable experience for your Cartagena bachelor party and tour with your squad through the Cartagena cobbled streets and other tourist spots accompanied by one of our best Cartagena city concierges.

Playa Blanca Tour

Playa Blanca, in Barú Island, is considered by locals and tourists the most charming beach in Cartagena. Only takes 40 minutes by boat or by car from Cartagena to get to this Caribbean paradise. Spend a great time with your friends in Playa Blanca, the color of the water will exceed your expectation and the white and fine sand will be the ideal setting for a challenging volleyball or soccer match in paradise.

We will pick you up at your stay to take you to the dock where you are going to sail towards the Barú island. In a panoramic sea tour, you will see several tourist sites of the bay of Cartagena while a bilingual guide will describe the places and tell stories until the island of Barú is reached to disembark at the beautiful Playa Blanca.

Umbrellas, use of bathrooms, water, refreshing drinks, fresh fruits, and a Caribbean lunch are included in this Playa Blanca tour. You and your crew should only worry about booking and having a great time!

Totumo Volcano Tour

The Totumo Volcano, a volcanic formation about 20 meters high and 4.5 meters wide in its crater, offers to it’s more than 1500 monthly visitors a natural pool of volcanic mud, rich in minerals that are beneficial to the skin and general health.

In this tour to the Totumo Volcano, we take you from Cartagena to Santa Catalina (Bolívar) about 45 minutes by car along the beautiful motorway parallel to the sea.

You will be enjoying the view of the sea almost during the whole trip, then, in front of the volcano we will climb together to the crater to get into and float on this incredible healing mud full of high concentrations of minerals like, silica, aluminum, magnesium, sodium chloride, calcium, sulfur, iron, among others.

After covering your whole body with this mud, we will let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes while we walk to the Cienega del Totumo that is right next to the volcano and where you can wash and remove all the mud from your bodies. Finally, you can enjoy tasting fresh coconut water, local sweets or food such as a seafood casserole or ceviche.

Pink Sea of ​​Galerazamba

A natural phenomenon worth seeing when you visit the Volcán del Totumo is the Pink Sea of Galerazamba, in which the sea turns pink. An event you can only enjoy a few months and vary a little between year to year with the summer season (generally between December and March) and then in August and September).

Very close to the Totumo Volcano, also in (Santa Catalina, Bolívar), in the salt flats of Galerazamba occurs this weird phenomenon of the pink sea, which occurs when the sea reaches its highest degree of salinity and becomes suitable for a seaweed called Dunaliella Salina, responsible for the pink color of the sea, which in turn attracts millions of small crustaceans such as the brine shrimp.

While you enjoy the view and take beautiful postcards of the pink sea, you can enjoy on the seashore, refreshing drinks, desserts and local dishes prepared by the native women of the place.

Cartagena Deep Sea Fishing Tour

One of the most exciting and satisfying experiences you can live in the Caribbean Sea is deep-sea fishing. Sailing from La Bodeguita dock in Cartagena, in the company of expert native fishermen on a fast boat full of lures and fishing baits, you will be taken offshore, out into the deep in search of the schools of big and rough fishes like Barracudas, Tunas, Guajues, Caritos, Sailfish, and Mackerels.

Already in the fishing areas recommended by our expert fishermen, you will learn all that is necessary to start capturing your first fishes in the Colombian Caribbean Sea.

With luck, after catching several fishes you will return to the dock to distribute the fishing, and at the beach or in the house, a chef will clean and prepare some of these fishes to finish this tour with an unforgettable Cartagena sea meal including coconut rice, patacones (green plantain fried chips), salad, avocados, and fried fish.

Cartagena Seafood Tour

In this delicious seafood gastronomic tour, we will take you to the best restaurants in Cartagena to taste a banquet with all kinds of sea dishes.

For this tour you and your bachelor party friends should have a very light breakfast to take advantage of this feast that can include according to your preferences, crab salad, octopus and squid, seafood casserole, shrimp gazpacho, queen lobster, fruits of the sea paella, the best Peruvian ceviche, the special Colombian ceviche or the great seafood barbecue, among a long list of other sea delights.

Undoubtedly, if something has Cartagena, among many things to be remembered, is the quality and variety of seafood that offers to its visitors, with options for all tastes and budgets. If one of your greatest life pleasures is food, you can’t miss this experience with your best friends in Cartagena Colombia.

Rum, Cigars and Cigarettes Tour

 A tour across some of the best coffee and bars in Cartagena where the groom and his friends will be tasting the best liquors of Colombia, national beers and rums awarded nationally and internationally.

You could taste multi awarded Colombian rums like Parce Rum, La Hechicera Rum (21 YearsOld) or the luxury Dictator Rum. Also different liquors like Aguardiente or wild mixes from the best bartenders of Cartagena and likewise, smoke lovers will also have a nice variety of Colombian cigars (like CAO Cigars) and cigarrettes to enjoy in the best places of outdoor rumba in Cartagena.

Certainly, a very pleasant tour to experience with your friends while you enjoy visiting really nice Cartagena places with excellent music and delicious snacks (tapas).

Cartagena Casinos Tour

Cartagena Colombia is not all sun, beach, and history, so you can’t leave aside the incredible nightlife scene that this city offers for young people and adults. Among some of the most exciting and fun nightlife activities, we invite you to a night of luck and bets on a tour to visit the best Casinos of Cartagena.

You and your party team will enjoy the most modern casinos and betting centers of Cartagena, all of them with the best traditional games, slot machines and Progressive jackpot games, Black Jack tables, Baccarat, Poker Rooms, valet parking and an excellent selection of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, tapas, snacks and international food.

Let’s go and enjoy an incredible night of bets and luck with this fun Casino tour in Cartagena.

Fanatic Football Tour

In this Cartagena Football Tour, you will visit the Jaime Morón Olympic stadium to talk about Colombian and world football with a true fanatic and football expert.

Depending on the date of your Cartagena bachelor party this tour would be different: A guided tour to the stadium while an expert tells you relevant facts and anecdotes about Colombian and international football. Or If there were scheduled games of the Real Cartagena Team or even better a game of the Colombian football team, the experience would be even more fun and memorable.

If any of your friends or you don’t know much about football is the perfect occasion to know more. You will learn in record time a massive amount of football facts that will surely make you able to talk a little more about football with your friends and will make you probably want to see the next most important football matches.

And if you want to feel like locals while you are in Cartagena, you can buy the Official Colombia National Team Shirts to walk through the streets of Cartagena and get the friendly smile and empathy of the inhabitants of Cartagena and especially the women.

Cockfighting Tour

Cockfighting in Cartagena goes beyond a cultural tradition of the Colombian Coast people. In Cartagena, the passion for these animals and their preparation for combat has been a trade and a sacred ritual for generations of families, granting to Cartagena the nickname of the University of Cocks Fights of Colombia.

Cartagena de Indias has had the best shows of cocks fights in Colombia, has been on several occasions headquarters of the International Cockfighting Derby, the Cockfights National Fair and recently in 2019, the Cockfighting Capital of America with the First Cockfighting International Tournament of Cartagena de Indias.

For all this, Cartagena is a great place to know and experience all the passion and enjoyment of this controversial but exciting sport, and in this Tour we tell you a lot about the history of Cockfighting, the Top Fighting Rooster Breeds and Their Characteristics, the types of spurs, the preparation for combat, and of course a tour across the best Cartagena cockpits to enjoy amazing cocks fights as the Coliseo Gallístico La Española and the magnificent Santa Maria Coliseum.

Souvenir Tour

Before you leave Cartagena Colombia, you should not forget to buy some souvenirs for the bride, the girlfriends, and families. Our Cartagena concierge will take you to some of the best places where to buy souvenirs, Colombian attires like hats, or shirts, sweets, liquors and cigars to share at home.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the best Shopping Centers and Malls in Cartagena to take advantage of the special prices of some Outlets and Colombian merchandise, so if you wish, you can buy some nicer gifts for you and your families.

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