Property Description:


7 Bedrooms


7 Bathrooms


14 Guests


Swimming Pool


Additional Information

Did you know that this house was a monastery for Carthusian monks? Originally established in 1777 over 250 years ago, now a beautiful 7-bedroom boutique home, the home is completely remodeled with a blend of Colonial and Republican architecture, the original style of the home, with mid-century modern features. The house offers its guests a unique place to enjoy and relax with the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Cartagena.


The house offers 7 rooms with elegant décor that blends mid-century modernism with 16th-century colonial architecture.

With a kitchen of particular beauty equipped with the necessary elements to satisfy the most demanding culinary tastes, the house offers its guests the opportunity to order food and drinks during the day. Additionally, you can enjoy an intimate dinner like no other in the city.

Relax while enjoying the hot sun on the terrace and Jacuzzi on the third floor, enjoying the day with a lounge atmosphere. At night you can feel the warm breeze caressing your face while you enjoy your favorite drink.

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