Property Description:


11 Bedrooms


10 Bathrooms


26 Guests


Swimming Pool


Know more about this party house in Cartagena.

Can you imagine your bachelor party in a house in Cartagena? This historic huge 11 bedroom house in Cartagena is perfect for party to large groups and families.

Your own private hideaway in Cartagena for rent; away from the stresses and strains of daily life, good for bachelor parties, full of fun, luxuries tailored to anyone, interesting friends to meet and make the bachelor party unforgettable.

Here in this beautyful party house you can organize a great meeting with your family and friends with the best comforts that this beautiful house can offer 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, ideal for 26 guests, additionally you can access the services of a chef who will prepare delicious meals, an assistant who will meet all the whims of the group why not? A DJ to turn on this great bachelor party. Dare to rent this house, you will not regret it! Cartagena awaits you.

What services does the Party house in Cartagena include?

This party house is located very close to the old town of the city of Cartagena, with a private pool and a quiet garden area, the house is perfect for your vacations, for the wildest and most undisturbed parties.

The house comes equipped with its own staff including a cook and a butler to meet all of your needs.

Do not forget to ask for the party assistant service, remember that this person will fulfill all the wishes of the group, guide them to know the best places in the city, and have beautiful friends at their disposal to make the party unforgettable. for you and your group.

Happy bachelor party!

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