Discover Why Colombia Is At The Top Of The Best Bachelor Party Destinations In 2022

Welcome to Colombia (Not Columbia) The Disney World For Bachelors!​

A Disney for Bachelors? Yes, and indeed, it’s real name is COLOMBIA, right now the #1 of the best bachelor party destinations in 2022, and guest what, it’s awesome as hell!

Stop thinking about Las Vegas and all those oldy best bachelor party destinations which are nowadays over advertised, over priced an monotonous.

Meet Colombia bachelor parties through these series of blog post, find out what makes Colombia stand at the top of the best bachelor party destinations in 2022, and hit the ground like some real Stag Do experts!

After more than 9 years of marketing bachelors vacations, getaways, and the absolutely sickest bachelor parties in Colombia, we can grant you exclusively insights and all-inclusive packages for a painless and extremely amazing stay for any bachelor party group size, both in Cartagena de Indias & in the City of Sin, Medellín.

Take your time to read all you need to know before you reach to Colombia, you will be ready right away for a really awesome bachelor party in this amazing destination.

colombia bachelor party1

Can you party in Colombia?

Can you party in Colombia? Probably one of the things that those of us who want to celebrate our bachelor party ask ourselves and in our travel itinerary we think…
cartagena bachelor parties

Is Cartagena safe for Bachelor Parties?

Cartagena de Indias for bachelor parties? It is the most touristic point in the country and one of the safest cities in Colombia. The Walled City and Bocagrande, the neighborhood…
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Colombia Vip Bachelor Parties

We have adapted and refined our VIP Bachelor Party Services in Colombia to what we know is key to your greatest fun and pleasure. Once you and your group enter…
colombia bachelor parties during covid1

Colombia Bachelor Parties During Covid19

During the Covid19 pandemic, economic activities were greatly affected and bachelor parties were turned off and many people had to cancel not only the party but also the subsequent wedding.…
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10 Bachelor Party Rentals in Colombia 2022

Hello, if you are here it is because you are preparing your bachelor party in Colombia and the houses that we have for rental are from another world, and that…
Medellin bachelor party

Tourists Entrance Opening | Bachelor Party

Great news especially for those who want to celebrate bachelor parties in a big way in Colombia, and it is that in terms of infections, this beautiful country has managed…
Cartagena bachelor party

Tripadvisor Buy Reviews

Tripadvisor, which is this platform that has been operating for a couple of years and that everyone talks about it, since it has made tourist places in the world popular…
colombia bachelor party

Travel to Colombia | Bachelor Party

Traveling to Colombia for a bachelor party is wanting to visit hundreds of municipalities that stand out for their great tourist offer, for their biodiversity, for the quality of their…
colombia bachelor party

The Colombian Woman

You are in danger if you celebrate your bachelor party in Colombia, that’s right, the Colombian woman. The women of this country are characterized by being very feminine, delicate and…
cartagena or medellin

Cartagena or Medellin?

Cartagena or Medellin? When planning your trip to Colombia, you will probably make a comparison of the cities of Colombia. It is a smart reaction and I invite you not…
bachelor parties ideas

The best ideas for a bachelor party in Colombia

ContentsBachelor party ideas Accessories for your bachelor party? Why not!!!Extreme sports daysParty at seaOrganize a ‘full day’Visit an amusement parkA party with everyoneNew Mandatory test and recommendations before planning a…
Cruceros llegan a cartagena

Cruises return to Cartagena 2022

One of the most anticipated news for Cartagena de Indias tourism was announced this Thursday: the return of the cruise ships after 16 months of absence due to the pandemic.…
bachelor party Cartagena

Despedida De Soltera En Colombia Para Tu Novia!

Así es, también organizamos las mejores fiestas de despedida de soltera en Colombia, y en este año 2021 hemos renovado y especializado aún más nuestro equipo de planeación de despedidas…
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